Fans of the Friday franchise were ecstatic when news of the final installment getting its wheels in motion. The classic comedy’s characters brought laughter to viewers with timeless jokes and unforgettable scenes. Now with the official last production of the franchise, Ice Cube is looking to still keep Chris Tucker’s character of Smokey alive and puffing. Although there is still no final word on whether or not the comedian will join the cast again, Cube is remaining on the optimistic side of the script.

Ice Cube told MTV News “He’s written into the movie, and once they give us the green light to start hiring actors, then we’re going to present him with the movie and an offer and we’ll see if he takes it.” Tucker also mentioned to MTV in a previous interview that he was uncertain if he would sign on again.

“I’ll never say ‘never,’ but I doubt it because it’s something that I did so long ago, and I moved on. But I appreciate everyone loving it that much that they want to see another one. We’ll see.”

Hopefully fans of the 1995 flick will see Craig and Smokey reunited again.





via: vibe