Born on: Jul 06, 1975 (Age: 37) Cancer Born in: South Jamaica Marital status: Single Occupation: Rapper, Businessman, Actor

A star in the underground mix-tape track for many years, Curtis James Jackson crossed many obstacles before becoming the eminent adorable hip hop star 50 cent. Born in 1976 in South Jamaica to a teenager mother Sabrina Jackson, 50 cent proved hip hop to be a lifestyle rather than mere music.     The hip hop star rose to eminence after his debut number one album “Get Rich or Die Tryin” and has given a number of chart topper hits till date. The artist’s aggressive song lyrics, tattooed body and violent nature are considered some other reasons for his chart topper hits.

Born to a cocaine dealer mother, in a neighborhood plagued by gang violence, 50 cent also started drug dealing at the mere age of 12 after his mother’s death. Within six years he acquired tremendous expertise in drug trade earning about $150,000 a month, and dropped out of high school. He also spent most of his time in jail whenever caught. Later, after the birth of his son, he decided to transfer his energy towards rap music.

Hip-hop’s prominent DJ, late “Jam Master Jay” discovered his talent and took the aspiring singer under his wing. 50 cent polished his skills as he learned to structure songs, write choruses and count bars under Jay’s guidance. Later he shook hands with hip-hop masterminds “Eminem” and “Dr. Dre” to shake the world of rap music. His debut album was ranked number one on chart list, selling 1.5 million copies in its first and a half week of release, breaking all previous sales records.

The second most affluent performer in the rap industry, 50 cent owns a number of pricey assets which include his 50,000 square feet Farmington mansion and a fleet of plush cars comprising two Ferraris, Lamborghini Murcielago, Rolls Royce Phantom and Pontiac G8. The hip-hop heavyweight also entered into multiple ventures signing a multi-year deal with Steiner Sports and a five-year deal with Reebok, bringing in more wealth in return. 50 Cent has a son Marquise Jackson born from his girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins, who inspired the hip hopper for a change of career.