The-Dream just announced that he’s readying his controversially candid free EP, 1977, for commercial release yesterday evening.

It’s been over a year since 1977 first hit the ‘net, but with such high accolades, The-Dream is moving forward to push the project mainstream.

1977 will feature the 10 original tracks, but The-Dream penned two new tracks for his commercial release, “AK47” and “Tender Tendencies.”

Not even 24 hours after his announcement, The-Dream dropped his new banger “AK47” for his fans to enjoy.

“You used to feel like heaven/man down, she gon make sure I don’t live to tell it/girl you remind me of my AK47, “sings The-Dream.

Fans continue to wait patiently for The-Dream’s Love IV MMXII, also known as Love IV: Diary of a Madman1977 is set to hit store shelves December 18.

Take a listen to The-Dream’s new track below!