It all started when Shyne aired out his true feelings on Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city. Seemingly out of nowhere, his harsh words for the Cali lyricist’s highly praised LP caught most hip-hop heads off guard. Was Shyne hearing the same music? Has Shyne lost his mind? Most of us had similar thoughts going through our heads.

Kendrick quickly brushed off the former Bad Boy’s “diss” and said “One opinion can’t stop what the world thinks.” Things seemed like they wouldn’t escalate on wax until KL’s big brother, Game, released “Cough Up A Lung (Freestyle).


Well, Shyne caught wind of Game’s bars and released his own freestyle earlier this week. 24-hours after the song made its rounds around the Net, VIBE got Game on the phone to clear the air.

VIBE: I just watched Shyne’s new freestyle video, and he’s coming at your neck. Have you watched it yet?
Game Nah, I haven’t watched the video. Number 1: I don’t know what happened in jail, but the new Shyne is not the Shyne that was before. It’s no reason for me to even get into a real rap battle with a guy that can no longer rap. He’s so lost in the times, it don’t make sense for me. To me it simply was more about Kendrick and his album, and that’s where it started. I’m not worried about Shyne. If he was a guy that I could see personally or get to, than I would be more involved in it, But that dude’s stuck on an island. He’s like fuckin’ Gilligan… he can’t get off the island. It’s easy for him to say anything he wants when no one is really going to book a flight to Belize and go address it.

It just seemed crazy because we feel anybody who has ears can hear that Kendrick’s album is far from “trash.”
Yeah, that was weak but I used to have a lot of respect and admiration for him because I liked his first album. I seen him on 106 & Park a long time ago and I looked at him like ‘Man, that look like a dude representin’ my struggle, just on the Eastside.’ So when he went to jail I always tried to keep his name alive, but I had no idea that he would end up being the coward that he is, but that’s life. You live and you learn and it’s all good.

So do you have any plans to make another diss track in response, or are you gonna leave it alone?
Nah, Shyne is nowhere near the level of myself or anybody in hip-hop, so give him his ten minutes of fame and let him go back to being sad and not being able to get
out of Belize [laughs].

Watch Shyne’s Freestyle below: