Swizz Beatz has been in the music business for most of his life.

Since his first taste of fame until now, he has seen a lot of styles come and go. From athletic jerseys, to button down shirts and even denim vests, Swizz has lived and taken part in it all, but for him, one thing remains the same. The classics. His Reeboks.

In the latest video for Reebok, Swizz, who has taken over as the brand’s Global Creative Director, takes us through a visual resurrection of some of Reebok’s most iconic silhouettes ranging from Allen Iverson’s signature “The Question” shoe, to Swizz’s Kamikaze III Mid that have become considered a “class” over the past 30 years.

The time lapse takes place in the middle of Times Square, NYC. If you are going to travel through time, why not do it in the middle of the busiest place in the city? You can check out Swizz’s Time Lapse for Reebok by pressing play on the video below.