It’s really not that impressive when we see a Bentley Continental these days. They’re pretty common in the celebrity world, although Soulja Boy’s is particularly nice. T.I. clearly understands that, separating himself from the pack by rolling in the Mulsanne Bentely, a more expensive model and much more rare sight. He just added the above $380,000 white Mulsanne to his garage, but he’s been about this car for a while.

Remember when “Bet I Bust” came out on B.o.B.’s mixtape May 25th? Well, that was two years ago, back in early 2010, and TIP strung together these dope lines, probably confusing people with the word “Mulsanne” because it was so unheard of at that point: “Pretend you forgot my name if you wanna/I’ma come hard like a boner, don’t I/Make a nigga wanna rebound, turned up all the way/We amped, two or three tramps/With ’em in the Mulsanne Bentley/Niggas said they do it like us, you shitting me?” Yeah, that was Mulanne, not mule skin or some other ridiculous word you’ve been rapping in it’s place. It’s been two years since then, but this car is still just as rare.