People, set your DVRs for 10:30PM ET tonight (Nov. 4) when the first in the three-part Nicki Minaj reality series Nicki Minaj: My Truth airs on E!. It’s going to get ugly.

In a new, extended trailer for the show, the Young Money rapper is seen giving a lot of tough love as cameras followed her around for a month. She is seen practicing her cheerful “fan face” in the mirror, laying down the law on set of a music video, yelling at her production crew and chewing out entertainment blogger Perez Hilton for “printing lies.” Sure, there are some sweet moments too. The “Starships” singer gets tender kisses from Drake and can be seen working hard in the studio recording her recently released tune “Freedom.”

But, as per usual, the highlights are always what comes out of Minaj’s mouth. “That relationship that I have with my fans is sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed,” Minaj deadpans into the camera. And later, the claws come back out when she asserts, “I think Mariah met her match this time, and I don’t think she was expecting to meet her match.”

Nicki Minaj: My Truth is going to be goooooooood. Watch the minute-and-half-long trailer for the show below. And, if you haven’t already, spin “Freedom”  here.