There’s no such thing as a sneaker being “too good”, so with that option off the table, you’d have to conclude the New Balance 574 is “just right”.  That’s a casual way of saying this timeless classic was brilliant from the jump, an impeccable design that continues to age with all the grace of a fine wine.  The complexity of a new 574 is all about its blocking, so while we’ve come to expect the majority of pairs in suede and mesh, how their colors are distributed makes all the difference in the world.  This latest trio, for example, looks like three different pairs with the same blocking pattern, and while that’s mostly true, a keen eye can point out at least one difference unique to each style.  Have a closer look below to see if you can pick them out for yourself (hint: look to the rear of the side panel ‘N’s) and stick with Sneaker News for release info.