As hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, buying new albums was one of the last things hip-hop fans had on their “to do” lists. For rappers who were scheduled to release albums this past Tuesday, the brute force of mother nature took over the day. Lives were lost and communities ruined during the tragic storm. Philly’s Meek Mill dropped his debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, on the the same day. As a native East Coaster, Meek wasn’t concerned with his sales after the natural disaster impacted his area.

“This storm has been crazy,” reflects Meek on the recent events. “This is my first release, and I’m supposed to be so happy for it. But the same day my album came out, I was more worried about how my family was holding out and a tree falling on my house.”

“My focus wasn’t on stores being closed,” admits Meek. “I had a packed house, filled with my family, making sure they were good during this storm,” says Meek in a press release. “I made a great album and it will sustain itself. Real people do real shit; my fans will buy the album when they are able to.”

This week Meek is headed out on The MMG tour with Rick Ross and the family.