As Meek Mill rides the wave of his well-received new debut album, Dreams And Nightmares, VIBE digs into the archives to unearth his interview from his August/September cover story. Read on as the budding MMG superstar speaks on 50 Cent, becoming a pop star, balancing parenthood with music, and falling off his bike…


VIBE: You’re in an interesting lane. Like DMX in his prime, 50 Cent when we came out—street, but still mainstream-accessible and authentic. How do you see that comparison with 50 or DMX?
Meek Mill: We came in the game with that real street shit. That street energy. The hypeness. Me, DMX, 50, we came in with no fear. Fuck everything, fuck if you making pop songs, fuck if you making R&B songs, I’ma stick to this street shit and still get this money. It’s no disrespect—I listen to R&B and pop songs all day—but that’s just the attitude I had. A lot of people think people in the hood won’t buy your album. People in my hood gon’ buy my album, its all about them having that connection with you.
How has the transition to becoming a pop star been?
It’s cool when people know you more but I like people to treat me regular when they see me. I take pictures. I don’t really be big on people looking at me. Little kids, they cry when they see you; I don’t want no kid crying for me. I don’t think I’m the one to cry for. I did a lot of wrong things. I ain’t perfect. I just like to be treated regular. It’s good for people to acknowledge your lyrics, so I take it with the good.
I talked to Wale and he said Ross wants you and him to be bigger than himself.
He does. Ross ain’t the type of artist that just wants artists under him. He loves to see me shine, to see me with a new whip, new watch and money in my bank account and my album doing numbers. He tells me that all the time. And that just comes from being a good dude. You can be signed to the best rappers in the world, but if they ain’t in it for you it don’t mean nothing. You’re just being used. I don’t feel like I’m being used with Rozay; I feel like I’m bein helped. We’re workin together as a team.
Do you think you could become a bigger star than Ross?