Kanye West has made up with the paparazzi who asked him about Reggie Bush‘s unborn child.

The Watch The Throne rapper was spotted hugging the female paparazzi who he previously attacked at a Miami restaurant two weeks ago, when KimYe had dinner across the street from Reggie Bush and his baby mother.


While Reggie made him mad that day, new rumors of a second sex tape with Reggie and Kim set to leak, might make him even more furious.


Turns out those rumors are absolutely false. Even though the rumor claims Kim is freaking out because it could ruin things with her and Yeezy, a rep tells Gossip Cop the truth.

“This story couldn’t be further from the truth. This tape doesn’t exist.”

Since the tape doesn’t exist and Yeezy is making peace with the paparazzi, could Kim also get her wish to start a family with Kanye? Radar writes:

The curvy 31-year-old “thinks they’ll get engaged and try for a baby once the divorce is final,” a source told US magazine. “Kanye is actually being very patient.”

Yeezy wasn’t even sure he wanted kids “until he got together with Kim,” and interacted with Kourtney Kardashian’s children, Mason and Penelope.

“He’s so good with [them] … he’s such a kid himself and he loves to play with them.”

What do you think a KimYe child would look like?!