Solange Knowles is set to drop her EP True on Nov. 27. with label Terrible Records. The “Losing You” singercompiled a seven-track digital-only release of her third audio album, ready for download on iTunes. The CD and Vinyl record version will be available for purchase on January 2013.

The album artwork is composed of a bright red hue, as a result, leaving the title of the album faintly to be recognized in the background. With the announcement of the EP’s release date, the track listing was also revealed:

1) Losing You

2) Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Change

3) Locked In Closets

4) Lovers in the Parking Lot

5) Don’t Let Me Down

6) Look Good With Trouble

7) Bad Girls (Verdine Version)

Given Solange’s recent work and past compilations, True is sure to be a soundtrack for kickbacks and dance floors alike. The sound on this album ranges form slow tempos to bust-a-move rhythms, and just like her many ensembles, Solange splashed some color on this compilation to follow up previous records Solo Star and Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.