Behold the almighty hook. It is what snags the average listener’s attention, reels them closer to an artist, and keeps them attached to the music’s charm long after the song is finished. It gets the women’s booties shaking and the men’s ice rattling (or whatever men do in the club). The hook is that melodic little tune that we can’t get out of our heads no matter how hard we try. That’s actually the idea.

Most Hip Hop on the radio today is there because it hinges on catchy hooks, relying on pop structures instead of more traditional rap roots. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. When we look at “The Worst Hooks in Hip-Hop History,” we’ll find plenty of songs that could have used a bit more delicate fragrance than abrasive stench.

Don’t expect Lil’ B, Odd Future, or anyone else whose head-poundin

good hooks serve a unique purpose to show up on this list. Instead, we’ve chosen well-known artists who were striving for the most appealing results – and wound up in the mud.