What Hip Hops Biggest Were Wearing 10 Years Ago and What Theyre Wearing Today

Kanye West – The Louis Vuitton Don

It’s strange to say this about any grown man, let alone one of the world’s most successful rappers, but Kanye West used to look, well, adorable. Although Mr. West hadn’t come to the forefront of hip-hop yet, he was behind some of the decade’s biggest hits including Jay-Z’s “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” and “Takeover.” Vintage Ralph Lauren is always experiencing some comeback or another but Kanye has remained faithful to the classic American brand  while branching off into the fashion-forward world of high-end designers like Givenchy. He even introduced his own luxury line, Dw by Kanye West, at Paris Fashion Week 2011. The label was curiously absent at this year’s show but rumors have been circulating about a joint clothing line between him and his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.