Battle rapper DNA is ready to jump in the lyrical squared circle with Maybach Music Group spitter Meek Mill. The Ultimate Rap League MC has picked up the rhyme battle gauntlet thrown by Meek through a Tuesday video message on YouTube.

DNA pointed to a previous rhyme showdown between the “Amen” Philadelphia spitter and Nagos to pick apart his weaknesses. “Your music is fire but bro, in 2012, that type of battling is not going to work with me at all,” DNA explained of the ever-evolving rap battle scene. The skillful MC, who has over 1 million hits online, went on to say that his rumbles with the likes of current King of the Dot champion Dizaster more than offers proof of his skill-set. “I done battled some of the best competition in the world, so it’s nothing for me jump in the ring with Meek and we can get it on,” he added.

This past Sunday, Meek Mill made it known through Twitter that he would like to have a go at DNA after watching the MC in action at the Summer Madness 2 battle event at New York’s Webster’s Hall.

“I just feel like taking over…..that funny shit ain’t gone out beat these flows and real shit!,” Meek posted. “And I ain’t gone write shit! Lets get it!”

No word yet when and where the battle will take place. But one can presume that Meek has more than just pride on the line. The rising popular rapper’s music has been all over the radio and in the clubs. And Meek Mill’s debut studio album Dreams & Nightmares, due out October 30, is one of the year’s most anticipated rap releases.