Gucci Mane also explains why OJ Da Juiceman has been relatively quiet.

Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy famously sparred some years back, but according to Gooch, their issues will “never” be resolved. During an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, the trap rapper weighed in on the fight between the Snowman and Rick Ross at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards, stating that he “don’t care” about what happened to Jeezy during the scuffle and that he has no respect for him.

“Ross is a friend of mine, of course Jeezy is not. I don’t care about nothing that happened to him,” he said. “Ain’t nobody finna do nothing to Gucci period. Never. And that didn’t happen. I ain’t let nobody push me, mush me.”

Asked if he would ever reconcile with Jeezy, Gucci responded, “Never. It’s respect, walk over here and there gon’ be some problems. I ain’t got no respect for him. I just did what I have to do.”

He also explained why OJ Da Juiceman slowed down on releasing new music. He rationalized that OJ came into the game with money, which made him less incentivized to record music.

“OJ was unfortunately… He already had money gfrom diong what he doing and he kept money. He was so spoiled that he got everything that a rapper want when he came in the game, so he don’t have the drive a starving artist would have,” he said. “Juicy is so turned up that he wasn’t as passionate about music as he is about the money. If there’s some money, you’ve got his 100 percent attention. But if you talk about going to the studio everyday, Juice ain’t doing it.”




via: hhdx