Game was kicked out of Lil Wayne’s 30th birthday bash in Hollywood last Thursday (Sept. 30) after he allegedly began an altercation. Although the rapper denied being thrown out of the party, the other man in the fight — rapper 2Eleven — is speaking up about the altercation.

2Eleven told TMZ that the Game picked a fight out of thin air, sucker punching him in the back of the head without any warning. The “Dolla Billz” rapper says that the hit came as a total shock, especially since he had been sitting at a table with the “Celebration” rapper, Birdman and Chris Brown for more than an hour with no problems.

Game’s version of the night’s events goes differently. He claims that 2Eleven started talking smack and that’s what eventually led to him to throw the first punch.

2Eleven isn’t pressing charges against the Compton rapper. “I just want to put out the true story,” 2Eleven said. Despite whoever threw the first punch, one thing is for sure, more people know that 2Eleven actually exists.