French Montana’s summer hit “Pop That” came equipped with verses from Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Drake, but Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell is still waiting for payment for his contribution to the track.

“Pop That,” set to appear on French’s forthcoming debut Excuse My French, samples the former 2 Live Crew rapper’s single “I Wanna Rock.” And according to Luke, he hasn’t been compensated just yet. “When I heard the song I said, ‘Oh this is a hit,’ and the next thing I said is, ‘Where’s my check?” Luke told MTV News on the red carpet at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards.



“Ain’t nobody told me about my check yet. I have not gotten the check yet, so I’m looking for the check,” he said, adding that he would track down French’s boss to sort it all out. “I’m gonna talk to Diddy in the back about it.”

While he waits for that check in the mail, though, Luke has plenty of projects to keep him busy, including revamping his Luke Records label (previously Luke Skyywalker Records). “We’re gonna re-launch the label next year,” he said. “I’m gearing up for that, and I’ve got a brand of liquor that’s coming out, Uncle Luke. And then we have a documentary and the book coming out next year, ‘The Life of Luke.’ ”

French Montana rolled out a raucous video to accompany his single, which also paid homage to 2 Live Crew. He described the wild Miami pool party as a 2 Live crew-style bash, or, in better words, “Uncle Luke on steroid.




via: mtv