Problem #2: Printing an outrageous number of physical copies

The overhead makes this almost illogical but even if you can get them dirt cheap are you really passing all of them out? Do you have the garage space to accommodate those extras Frisbees? Is a plastic slip-case with Kinko’s paper posing as artwork what we’re calling putting your best foot forward?

Here’s a conversation I had with an artist while trying to convince him against spending money he didn’t have on pressing up CDs he really didn’t need.

Me: Dog, the last time you got a CD when you were at a show or a club, what did you do with it?

Him: I left it there.

Me: Then what the f*ck do you think they’re going to do with your CD?

Possible Solution: Instead of hard copies, consider making sure your online portals are in good form. Everything on your Bandcamp, SoundCloud, etc. are in working order and insure everything’s optimized for mobile. Then, create a quality business card that includes the url where all of your projects and pertinent info are hosted. A business card is easier for the receiver to carry than a CD. And if you leave an impression, they’ll follow up on their own.