One of the biggest developments from last weekend’s BET Hip Hop Awards was the rumored end of Fat

Joe & 50 Cent’s feud, which has existed for years.

Joey Crack called into Philly’s Hot 107.9 with Q-Deezy to explain why the two MCs chose to squash their beef,

giving all credit to the memory of their late friend & founder Chris Lighty.

“I came like, ‘We gon’ do this [tribute] for Chris [Lightly],” Joe says about the tribute performance to the fallen

music mogul at the Awards ceremony. He continued by adding, “While we were there, 50 whispered some

things in my ear that was gentleman-like…he just said the right things.”

Fat Joe went as far as saying that their beef was comparable to “Israel/Palestine”, and that “it was gonna go bad.”

Hear a clip from the interview below: