“Kicked out? Yall funny!” tweeted the Game after reports surfaced Saturday morning that the “Celebration

” rapper had been kicked out of Lil Wayne’ 30th birthday bash the night prior.

Game got into an altercation with rapper 211 at the party, and the two took things outside where security

intervened and TMZ had their camera rolling. Game hasn’t been silent about the incident and is trying to

claim the W in the fight. “I was standing over you while you was faced down & coulda “Compton Stomped” you

….. But I aint shady so I let you up & 2 pieced you again,” he tweeted victoriously.

Before you get too excited, the footage is grainy. You don’t see any jabs or uppercuts flying about because the

video begins after the swings. According to reports, Game was hanging with Sean Kingston, Chris Brown and the

birthday boy himself when 211 walked up and started talking smack. Watch more smack talk in the video below.