Ben Baller has made statement pieces for the likes of Drake, Kanye West and Justin

Bieber. Now, he takes on a customized old-school chain for Pusha T.

In the premiere episode of the ice man’s new web series “Insane Bling,” the G.O.O.D.

Music star explained to Ben that he wanted “to pay homage to the Slick Ricks and the

Rakims” by copping chains made famous by the rap legends. The Mercedes Benz piece

sports six carats of VVS Color Diamonds, 72 grams of 14-carat gold and 150 grams of 14

-carat gold for the rope chain. If you want to shine like Push, be ready to spend a cool

$20,000 but who looks at the price tag?

Check out the making of the chain below.




via: vibe