You can count on Pink getting a good laugh at Kanye for beating him on the charts this time


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Last Tuesday was an extremely competitive date to drop an album, but out of all the artists, only

two reigned supreme.

The Truth About Love singer, Pink, beat out Kanye West (someone she despises) and his G.O.O.D.

Music compilation album, Cruel Summer, with 280,906 units sold in the first week.

Cruel Summer wasn’t far behind, with a solid 216,115 albums sold.

Pink’s Truth About Love marks the very first number one album Pink has ever released.

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On the other hand, Cruel Summer is the first time Kanye West hasn’t debuted at number one on

the charts since his highly acclaimed debut album College Dropout, which debuted at number

two on the charts eight years ago in 2004.

Congrats to Pink and congrats to Kanye West and the whole G.O.O.D Music family; both artists

definitely moved a considerable amount of units.