When Lil Wayne’s rap career is a wrap he might consider going into comedy

because this has to be the funniest deposition in history.


Weezy is suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary about him. TMZ obtained

the footage of him being grilled on the stand by Qunicy’s lawyer, Pete Ross from

the law firm  Browne George Ross about his various run in with the law, but

Lil Wayne claims to not remember anything.
Wayne also claimed he couldn’t remember winning the Best Rap Album of the

Year for Tha Carter III in 2008. Instead he kept saying “I don’t know” before Ross

could finish the question.


At one point Wayne appears to threaten Ross.


You know [the judge] can’t save you in the real world.” Wayne said.




This is clearly a case of not one single f*** being given by the Young Money boss.


Watch the comedy below.






via: ti50