Two Kanye West sex tapes are floating around in the hands of an ambitious tech pirate, who is bent on selling the sexual escapades of the G.O.O.D. Music leader to the highest bidder. Radar Online painted a vivid picture of a frantic Yeezy on the verge of tears when he heard news that his tape could surface at any moment. Since then, a screen shot of a pre-sexy times ‘Ye has been taken down, thus confirming that the person on the sex tape is indeed Yeezy, and he’s damn sure worried about the tape being leaked. Way the confirm things ‘Ye!

Needless to say, once the pig is out the barn, it’s pretty damn hard to put it back inside, making us believe that ‘Ye’s sex tape with the Kim Kardashian look-alike will indeed see the light of day. We have our reasons, well, actually we have 5 reasons why we’ll see Yeezy’s tape. CLICK THROUGH THE PAGES BELOW.