Rihanna, or bad girl Ri Ri as we like to call her, is gearing up for a new album… and era


Last night she first tweeted out a picture of smoking on some goodie goodie with the caption,

“Me and my boo”


Recently, the Bajan princess posted a picture of what we believe could be her new album cover.

It’s a RIHmix on the “R” logo she has used since her darkest album to date, Rated R.

In the midst of captioning the photo, the S&M singer also shouted her new website out:

“#navilife #comingsoon http://rihanna7.com”

Rihanna is an extremely hard worker- We just finished learning all the words to her latest album



Nonetheless, we are excited for new music coming from the pop star. She definitely has what it

takes to make us dance and sing along.

We wonder what Miss Robyn is going to bring in this new era?! Her new single will be making

it’s debut tomorrow at 8 A.M. E/T.

Check out the art work below:




via: GG