Meek Mill is definitely a down to earth hip-hop star and we always respect his honesty. The

MMG rapper has found a lot of ways to relate and stay close to his fans.

One way is by tweeting out his very personal, and controversial, thoughts on how much he

disapproves of his “true bum” of a baby mother!

He wrote:

“My baby mom a true bum… I gave her 11k within 30 days…and she still had a nerve

and call me about some papers!  #playersf-ckuptoo”


In his most recent tweets/instagram pics, Meek also sent this message out to his fans:

Well damn Meek, that was graphic! Call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure he chose to have a baby

with that woman.

Meek Mill’s currently readying his debut album Dreams & Nightmares, which is due out October

30. What’s your take on Meek airing out his baby moms?