Seven Arts Entertainment is suing In The Zone Entertainment regarding the distribution rights

to DMX’s just-released comeback attempt.

After a Top 20 debut week at retail, DMX’s seventh solo album, Undisputed is now involved in a

legal battle. According to, Seven Arts Entertainment has sued In The Zone

Entertainment over distribution rights to the latest album from the Yonkers, New York Rap star.

In The Zone’s Craig Sussan and Charles Gullo are reportedly breaking an agreement arranged by

Seven Arts. Per AHH’s report, the company made an agreement to distribute an album by DMX in

February, called Redemption Of The Beast. In The Zone failed to pay Seven Arts a fee as agreed by

the contract. Seven Arts is seeking over $6 million in damages.

Undisputed, featuring production by Swizz Beatz and Dame Grease, sold approximately 17,000

copies in its first week at retail.