In today’s hip–hop game, nothing seems to be a shocker anymore. With the prevalence of social media in rappers’ lives, specifically Twitter, an MC’s personal business is now the talk of the blogs. Take this bit of information as a perfect example. Who knew that Pusha T actually wanted to give Chief Keef a record deal.

The GOOD Music rapper recently told Vulture:

There’s a lot of debate around Chicago rapper Chief Keef [G.O.O.D. Music remixed his song “I Don’t Like”]. His controversial image aside, many older hip-hop fans feel removed from his teenage rhymes and blame the new generation for the so-called decline in real hip-hop.
Pusha: That’s a lie. First of all, I am solely the reason that there’s a Chief Keef remix [on Cruel Summer]. I am. I saw him on Worldstar[] and I never click Worldstar rappers but the picture for some reason drew me. It was for “3Hunna.” So I clicked on it and I called [manager Steven] Victor and I said, “Victor. I want to sign this kid. Go online and check this kid out. It’s authentic.” That’s what I like about him. This isn’t Nas at 16. Like c’mon, understand for a minute. He didn’t call me back, so I called him back like, “Yo! What happened?” He said, “Oh, I thought you were joking!” I said, “I hate you for this.” He said, “Listen man. We have other stuff to deal with. They have, like, guns and stuff. What’s wrong with you?” I said, “Fine. Whatever.” I do a little research and say on Twitter, “I like Chief Keef.” The backlash I got was crazy, or other people were like, “Damn! I love him.” I started realizing that this guy is a child [he’s 17]; he looked older in the video. More research. I go on his Twitter and people are like threatening his life. I’m like, “Oh, this is some gang shit. Chicago shit.”

So Keef never reached out to you on Twitter?
No. Fast forward to I’m in New York finding beats for my album. Me and Ye are … everybody from Chicago happened to be in the room at this time. I was like, “Yo, what’s going on in the Chi man? Y’all ain’t fucking with Keef?” They were like, “What? You like Keef?” Ye was like, “Who is Chief Keef?” I go to the computer, plug it up to the big speakers and he [Kanye] says, “Oh my God. This is incredible. This producer is incredible. I love it as a whole but this producer is incredible.” I was like, “Yo, for real, he’s a young kid from Chicago. We should probably just do a remix, throw him a bone.”






via: vibe