Flo Rida is refusing to pay for his home security system because the “Low” rapper says he didn’t authorize

all the features that were installed on his Miami mansion several years ago.

ADT, America’s largest home security and surveillance company, filed a lawsuit against the rapper

demanding that he pay the remaining $38,733 he owes the company for wiring up his home back in 2009.

Around the time his “Right Round” single shot to radio, the hip-hop hitmaker, born Tramar Dillard,

allegedly put down a $19,366.66 deposit for said system. Features include several sensors, smoke detectors

and at least 27 security cameras. However, Flo Rida says he didn’t give ADT the OK to install all the features.

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ADT provided a copy of the initial contract in its court filing, and also seeks interest for a grand total of

$47,134.40. Flo Rida charges that he is not responsible for the bill since it’s the name of alleged manager,

Lee Prince, that appears on the signature line in the contract and not his, therefore nulling the agreement.

You know, because if the signature don’t fit, you must acquit.






via: vibe