Couples often take traits from each other after dating for a certain amount of time.

However, Kanye West may have taken the worst trait from current girlfriend

Kim Kardashian—making sex tapes.

In an exclusive report by RadarOnline, a nearly 20 minutes long tape exists of Yeezy in a

hotel room having sex with an unidentified 18-year-old female, who reportedly looks a lot

like Kim.

Radar also says the woman confesses to ‘Ye that she is in fact married and claims, “My

husband and I don’t have sex anymore—that’s why I’m here!”

As expected, Kanye is going bananas over the leak, and is willing to go as far as he can to

stop it from leaking. For those who have doubts, Radar Online has actually seen the tape,

confirmed it’s him, and even published a safe-for-work screengrab (as seen above).

Come on Ye! You and Kim are definitely two peas in a pod now.