Future gives some release info on his upcoming projects “Future Hendrix” and “Super Future.”

Despite the low sales of his debut album Pluto, it looks like rapper/singer Future is primed to strike it big after

a number of hits and guest features from high places. Now, in a recent interview with Montreality, the Atlanta

emcee speaks on his next pair of projects.

Future revealed he’s got two projects lined up for late 2012 and early 2013 releases, respectively. First up, Future

plans to drop a two disc mixtape, Super Future, on October 23. Following that project in February, Future will

follow with his sophomore LP Future Hendrix.

Super Future dropping October 23; it’s a double disc,” he revealed. “I’m about to give the streets everything,

everything and some. Then I’m about to give the streets, the college students, the internationals, the Dominicans,

my Puerto Ricans, my fuckin’ Haitians…I’m about to bridge that gap and show them why I am the Future.”

He continued, “Future Hendrix just comes from being different. Jimi Hendrix, he always stood out, and I always

like the way he stood out. It wasn’t about me getting that rock’n’roll lifestyle…that comes with this music industry.

It’s another level; it’s striving to be different. I want to do it at the end of February, but it all depends on how these

singles do and what this Super Future do.”

Check out the full interview below.