The 11 Most Honest Usher Quotes From His Interview With Oprah

T.I. opines on Lil Wayne’s controversial comments, and his experience taking his family camping.

Lil Wayne stirred up controversy when he stated “Flat out, I don’t like New York,” drawing the ire of many

New York emcees and certain radio personalities. Fellow Southern artist T.I. spoke on the matter recently.

“When I first came in the game, it was a feat for a Southern artist, let alone an Atlanta artist, to make his way

up to Hot 97 and get himself mix show play, let alone…heavy rotation,” said T.I. in an interview with Hot 97’s

Angie Martinez, which naturally led to a discussion of Lil Wayne’s words.

“You gotta understand where a man coming from,” said T.I. of Weezy. “I’m not saying I support anyone not

liking New York. What I’m saying is, people who haven’t gone through that process of having their freedom

taken from you…you have to take all this into consideration,” explained Tip, referring to Wayne’s time spent

in New York prison over a gun charge.

“I don’t think he meant nothin’ by it. I don’t think he meant any disrespect,” concluded T.I.

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