According to Alexas, Google is the second most viewed website in the world. It’s a fact

that surprises no one…other than rapper DMX, who not only doesn’t know how to use

Google, but who doesn’t know how to use a computer.


This became hilariously evident yesterday when Power 105 released one of the funniest

behind the scenes video you’ll ever see.

In the video, we see a completely mystified DMX, who was visiting The Breakfast Club,

try to Google himself. Every movement DMX does he stops and jumps back as if he

touched a electrified fence. It’s literally like watching someone from the 1950s use a 2012


The best part is at the end, when DMX wonders why we have funny names (like Google)

for websites, saying:

“They’re funny words. Like, just get a regular word, what the f*ck is a ‘Google’? That’s

like something you call somebody, like a baby ‘goo-goo’ — it’s weird.”

Yeah, you’re right, X. We thought “Google” was a funny sounding name when we first heard it

— back in 2002.

Check out the video, that’s half hilarious, half sad, below.