With the release of one of the year’ss most anticipated album, G.O.O.D Music’s Cruel

Summer, fans and critics alike have been serving up varied opinions of the compilation,

some loving it, and others, not so much. Rapper and songwriter Roscoe Dash is siding

with the latter, not because he isn’t a fan of the music, but because he was not featured in

the credits for the album. Dash took to twitter, in a 7-tweet rant that left the music

industry wondering, what the hell is going on?

“Everybody go get the G.O.O.D album and listen to #1 then watch @Kanyewest interview

& tell me y I’m not in the credits”
“Can’t do favors for niggas bcuz no matter how humble and generous u r to ppl niggas will

take everything u have … even niggas u look up to”
“The most talented ppl get the lease credit for everything and the crazy part is they put in

the MOST work…”
“same shyt with @wale lotus flower bomb I wrote that for him b4 he even signed to ross &

it went #1”
“…but nobody would kno that cuz I’m not in the credits”
“but EVERYTHING must eventually come to the light…..”
“& I’m only speaking on this publicly bcuz there are so many ppl who wanna be apart of the

industry but dnt kno half the shit that goes on”






via: vibe