Here we go again.

In the unlikeliest of Twitter beefs, rapper Lupe Fiasco is firing shots after actor D.L. Hughley called him

out on the social site for discouraging the right to vote.

“Guess they’ve bn successful when 1 of leading voices of hip hop @LupeFiasco advocates same. I always

thought hip hop was voice of voiceless,” posted Hughley Monday afternoon.

The “Food & Liquor” emcee was quick to respond, “Yo @RealDlHughley I been following Koch for a while

..tried to hip niggaz to ALEC niggaz more worried about me looking like whoopi…so now @RealDlHughley

it’s a little 2 late thinking voting gonna save people from THEMSELVES. most of the bills are written by

corporations…its more ;pbbists in Washington DC than it is politicians. 50,000 at my last who are

we really voting for?”

They go on for a couple hundred more characters, with D.L. claiming that he is a fan of Fiasco’s but “for a

conscious young man to say he’ll stay on the sidelines while the world burns….seems counter intuitive to me.”

The final round went to Lupe as he wrote, “When you ready to drop that bread for these babies our here

@RealDlHughley holla at me…til then @LeeMeAlone.






via: vibe