Chief Keef is giving Chris Brown a run for his money in “The Things You Shouldn’t Share on the Web” category. The Chicago rapper uploaded a photo to Instagram of himself engaged in sexual act with an unidentified woman over the weekend. The picture and Chief Keef’s account on the photo sharing app used by some 80 million people has since been removed leading curious followers to a “Page Not Found” screen.

More specifically, the photo showed a groupie giving the rapper head. The rapper wasn’t too happy that his thoughtless actions warranted such consequence. “Fuck instagram dey took my shit again,” Keef tweeted in dismay. You can check out the NSFW photo below.

The “I Don’t Like” rapper is already in hot water for tweeting his elation over the death of rapper Lil JoJo. “Its Sad Cuz Dat Nigga JoJo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO,” Keef shared only a couple hours after the aspiring rapper’s death earlier this month. The tweet caused an uproar in the community, landed Keef in police questioning and on the cover of the Chicago Sun-Times. It also got his grandma worked up. (We wonder what Chief Keef’s granny would say about this Instagram business!) Lupe Fiasco said Keef’s behavior and the lifestyle he represented made him want to quit rapping.

While he may still be a teen, it seems Keef is having a problem with the concept of oversharing … and learning a lesson.


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via: Vibe