Marshall Bruce Mathers III “Eminem” was born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem was raised in Detroit and had achieved some local noteriety in rap music by 1995 as a member of Soul Intent. Eminem was also a member of the group D12, which stands for Dirty Dozen. Eminem would eventually return to re-energize D12 after acquiring large-scale success.

In 1997 Eminem was signed by rapper/producer Dr. Dre to his Aftermath Records label. In the 2005 song “Like Toy Soldiers” Eminem references Dr. Dre as “the man who literally saved my life.”

Eminem married Kimberly Ann Scott in 1999. After two years Eminem and Kim divorced but would wed again in 2006, however, this time the marriage would only last eleven weeks. Eminem and Kim have one child together – Hailie Jade who was born December 25, 1996.

To date, Eminem is credited with selling over 70 million records worldwide. Some of Eminem’s biggest hits include: The Real Slim Shady, Lose Yourself, Without Me, My Name Is, and Just Lose It.

Eminem now calls the town of Rochester, Michigan home. Eminem’s $3 million Rochester home – which sits on over 5 acres – offers six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, tennis court (converted to a basketball court), swimming pool and a large oval-shaped pond.


Eminem's home - Rochester, Michigan
Rochester is located approximately 15 miles north of Detroit and has a population of roughly 11,000.