This week, 50 Cent dropped his much anticipated The Lost Tape, hosted by mixtape king DJ Drama.

Not even a quick health scare was gonna stop 50 from bringing us some hot shit to hold us over until the

next studio album drops. Everybody from Eminem, 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, and Jeremih came

through to bless this mixtape.

Here’s 10 of the best lines, bars, and clever punchlines heard throughout this street banger.

1. “Like Cyndi Lauper bitch, “Time After Time”/A nigga shine, like a nickel nine.”“Murder One”

(Feat Eminem)

2. “That’s cocaine when I’m flippin/Wood grain when I’m tippin/Codeine when I’m sippin/Bitch, you

ficking right. I be trippin!”Riot (Remix) [Feat. 2 Chainz]

3. “I’m smoking up my lungs/This liquor drowning my liver/I’m just using these prescriptions/These

pancakes not for this syrup/Mayweather, all contenders, I eat these rappers for dinner/Put these ratting

ass niggas in the sewer—Master Splinter”Kidd Kidd, “O.J.”

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