Besides receiving criticism from his own party, now Money Mitt is taking heat from the hip-hop community!

In Kanye West’s new track titled “To The World” from Good Music’s upcoming album Cruel Summer, ‘Ye references Mitt’s refusal to release his past tax returns. He raps:

“I’m just trying to protect my stacks, Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax, Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.”

To date, Romney has only released the last two years of his tax returns (2010 and 2011) to the public. In comparison, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have each released twelve years of their tax returns. Even Mitt’s father, George Romney, made it a prerogative to release twelve years of his tax returns when he ran for president in the 1960s.

According to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s sources, Mitt’s reluctance stems from the fact that he did not pay taxes for ten years while the businessman was CEO of Bain Capital.

Money Mitt’s refusal to release more than the bare minimum of two years of tax returns has left the American people wondering, what does he have to hide?

Now maybe ‘Ye’s call will incite him to turn them over to the people!