A contemporary American painter known for depicting the statues of Paris and being the first person to fuse fashion and oil painting, while incorporating the psychoanalytic literature of Sigmund Freud into her artistic theories, California-based designer Keariene Muizz has now designed a glamorous green jewelry for eco lovers, a cardboard cuff for which she’s asking a whopping $20,000! Though, asking such a hefty price for a bracelet crafted out of the salvaged industrial cardboard looks obviously senseless, but the designer reasons it with the generation of 251 million tons of trash as a nation each year, which she thinks is more absurd. Dubbed as ‘Zdenka cuff’, this $20k bracelet which is described to be more or less a work of art is the most expensive cardboard jewelry Keariene Muizz has ever tried to sell, as most of her salvaged cardboard jewelry ranges in price from $60 to $350.


Designer Keariene Muizz models her $20,000 Zdenka cardboard cuff.


Bracelet Zdenka cuff feature an eye-catching glass gem which is 2-inches in diameter, and is rated to be the most expensive upcycled item designed by Muizz. For this art piece, designer states that her other jewelry items are reproducible, but this one is never going to be reproduced.

Speaking about the concerns like if this jewelry art-piece crafted out of cardboard wears out in rain or while washing hands; the designer has actually sealed the Zdenka cuff and all of her cardboard jewelry items with a high-varnish gloss that makes it waterproof and chip-resistant.

Most royal cardboard memorabilia box

Most royal cardboard memorabilia box

However, we have also earlier seen that the daughter of Rupert Murdoch and powerful media executive Elisabeth Murdoch bid $151,000 for a cardboard medicine box signed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This charity bid not only turned out to be the highest on the charity auction cum dinner, which was the first official event attended by the British royal couple since their April 29 wedding, but also one of the most expensive auctions of 2011.