Owner: Late Donald & Shirley Brown

Price: $16,900,000

Size: 38,000 sq. ft

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 16

Location: 5605 West Lake Street, Vermilion, Ohio, United States, 44089

One-of-a-kind masterpiece, the 160-acre Waterwood estate includes a 38,000 sq. ft custom designed residence, a marina, and one mile of sprawling beachfront. Overlooking one of the countries Great Lakes, Lake Eri and is surrounded by waterfall mountains, ponds, and excavated hills ensuring complete seclusion, the estate was built with close attention to detail, quality and design.

Notably, the window walls create 360 degree views of this immaculately landscaped and designed property. The 2-storey residence further features a total of 37 rooms, including 5 bathrooms, 16 baths, 3 kitchens and 2 kitchenettes, 9 fireplaces, a wine grotto, a sauna, two passenger elevators, and a 40’ long lap and 20’ round indoor pool. And, for the car enthusiasts there’s ample parking space.

Notably, the heliport is an additional amenity that makes this home so remarkable, while the dining room has a rotating floor offering water views for all diner guests.

Built in 1991, the Vermilion mansion was home to inventor Donald Brown and his wife, Shirley, who died in a plane crash last year. The property was earlier listed for $19.5 million, but later the price was chopped down to $16.9 million.