Similar to the visual difference between a standard DVD and Blu-ray HD, the ultra high-definition 4K resolution, offering video quality four times better than HD (1080p) is certainly the major leap in technology, and is in huge demand. Hollywood has already embraced this next-generation of TV technology, Panasonic has offered it in its 152-inch 4K resolution TV which is the biggest plasma screen in the world, and Sony has used it in its world’s first 3D 4K home theater to become the first among consumer electronics companies to release 4K resolution in home cinema projector. Now, Sony has plans to launch a flagship XBR LED TV that will be as large as 80-inches and its display will boast the revolutionary 4K resolution. Also, we have earlier seen the Panasonic’s incredible and futuristic 145-inch 8K resolution plasma TV, which is described to be the world’s first Super Hi-Vision TV.

Sony 80-inch LED TV with 4K resolution will debut for $30,000


Reportedly, the noted Japanese TV manufacturer Sony’s preparation to introduce an 80-inch XBR LED TV set with 4K resolution is actually the part of a larger scheme to promote the next-generation 4K resolution as a mainstream format. However, there are also reports that Sony’s PS4 will also support the 4K resolution.

Though, there’s no official word on the price of Sony’s 80-inch 4K TV, but it’s estimated that it will sell at a price of around $30,000.

LG 84-inch Ultra Definition 3DTV

LG 84-inch Ultra Definition 3DTV

On the other hand, LG has also recently announced the world’s first 84-inch Ultra Definition 3D TV that will come equipped with 4K resolution, smart features and over 8 million pixels per frame. Reportedly, its ‘magic’ remote will allow the access to about 1,400 LG apps and premium community services.