Hip-hop originated in New York City. Apparently that doesn’t mean sh*t to Lil Wayne, because

the rapper, who has made a lot of money off hip-hop, does not like New York City.

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He said so on Monday when MTV caught up with the rapper in Las Vegas, while he was

introducing his new line of sneakers with Supra.

Wayne was asked about his recent appearance at Nicki Minaj’s free New York show, and even

though he was happy to show love to Nicki, the rapper had little love for the Rotten Apple,

saying: “Flat out: I don’t like New York.”

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Now, there are some who have taken offense to this statement — Queens State Senator Malcolm

Smith wants an apology from the rapper — however, Wayne has had a tricky past with

New York City.

It’s a past so tricky that we can understand why Wayne would hate the Empire State.

Scroll down to find out the history of bad blood between Weezy and New York.

Drama with Hot 97.