Maybe this time, Nike should have thought before they just did it.

As one of the official outfitters for the 2012 London games, Nike released a controversial Olympic-inspired

shirt that has female bloggers and tweeters calling the design ‘sexist.’

According to Yahoo! News, the black shirt says “Gold Digging” in bold, golden letters and is only available

for woman. While one would assume that the phrase was meant to aspire for more gold medals, it also carries

the connotation of a gold-digging female.

Despite the backlash, major retailers have continued to sell the shirt like Footlocker, Finish Line, Sports

Authority, Nordstrom, and Eastbay for $24.99.

Nike’s official website lists the shirt as ‘style that starts a conversation.’ The item description reads, “When

nothing less than the best will do, the Nike ‘Gold Digging’ Women’s T-Shirt is up to the challenge with a bold

design that’s a treat on the eyes in a slim, comfortable fit.”

On Twitter, the ladies have been more than vocal about their opinions on the design. Fashion blog Styleite

tweeted, “US ladies win two-thirds of the country’s gold medals at the Olympics, and @Nike rewards them

with this sexist tee,” while a woman asked, “Is this #Olympics pride? Big surprise not avail in Men sizes.”

Nike has yet to comment.

Would you rock this statement tee?





via: vibe