Cassie and Diddy have been vacationing together this past week, and while they’re usually

very discreet when it comes to details of their rumored relationship, Cassie might have revealed

some very exciting new info.

While the 25-year-old singer posted a picture on her Instagram showing off her fabulous fresh

manicure, she also happened to show off a huge diamond ring on her left hand, also seen in some

paparazzi photos earlier in the week during their vacation.

While there is no word on whether it’s an engagement ring or not, (it could just be an extremely

generous gift from Diddy), we have our hopes up for these two.

The plot only thickened when Diddy tweeted a suspicious message while the two were relaxing

together during their vacay. He tweeted:

We can’t help but wonder if that means that Diddy has finally locked down Cassie. Coincidence?

Do you guys think that Diddy made Cassie his official girl? Check out photos from their vacay in

the accompanying gallery and let us know what you think!