Ever since veteran hip-hop writer dream hampton and former Hot 97 employee

Frank William Miller Junior dropped the bombshell that Nas didn’t write a majority

of his Untitled album, the Internet has been buzzing about what’s really the truth.

Did Nas use ghostwriters or not?

Jay Electronica Responds To Nas Ghostwriting Allegations

Jay Electronica and stic.man, the two alleged ghostwriters, both denied ever writing verses

from Nas, while dream hampton and Frank William Miller Junior both stand by their story.


The only person we haven’t heard from is Nas.

Well that just changed … kinda.

Moments ago, the legendary MC sent out this cryptic Tweet to all of his followers:

Hmmm, we’re not sure exactly what that means. But it’s nether a confirmation or denial about the allegations.

If Nas Has A Ghostwriter, Then Hip-Hop Is A Lie

What do you think the tweet means?

via: globalgrind