This leak comes off the strength of an incredible studio session Busta and Shaheem

Reid held for a handful of journalists in NYC. In support of his upcoming Year Of

The Dragon album, Busta locked us in the studio for about 6 hours and played

everything. EVERYTHING! I was sworn to secrecy but Chill Ol Ski is about to go on a

helluva run. Props to B.Dot/GooglePlay for liberating his Gucci-assisted track.

Actually, Busta said he was kind of doing an experiment with this song. He really

wanted to see how Gucci would attack a “New York” beat, and needless to say Bus was

impressed. Gucci used no pen and knocked the whole thing out in about an hour. Busta

also made note about how Gucci incorporated Biggie’s “Dreams” lyrics in his verse and

realized that was probably Mane’s first encounter with the beat. Of course, Busta’s was

from James Brown’s “Blues and Pants.”


New Music: Gucci Mane feat. Busta Rhymes “Make It Look Easy”