Whenever we hear about controversies surrounding Azaelia Banks, they normally include her

dropping diss tracks or blasting someone on Twitter, but this time around, the controversy is no

fault of her own; all she did was put a condom in her mouth!

Azealia is the cover girl of the latest issue of Dazed and Confused magazine, but the cover image has

left some people dazed, confused and all around infuriated.

The photo features the Harlem rapper smoking a condom like a cigar. Yes, smoking a condom like

only Azealia can master.

The risque cover image caused this issue of the magazine to be banned in 7 countries, weeks before it

even hit the stands, how is that for causing a buzz?!


The absolute best thing about the cover in our opinion isn’t the fluorescent pink condom, it’s the cheeky

title of the cover story: “Azealia Banks Blows Up.”

What a way to cause a stir! Check out more photos from the spread in the gallery above, and be sure to

check out Dazed And Confused for more.




VIA: globalgrind