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Alicia Keys has added some extra excitement to the already eager anticipation for her

new album by enthusiastically announcing the name of the LP via a “diary entry” on

her website Tuesday (August 14): Her fifth studio album is called Girl on Fire.

The 2012 VMA performer explained the title with lots of exclamation points on her site.

“I’m in the studio right now working away on my new album and I am SO excited!!! I’m

ignited!!! I’m like a match to a flame! I’ve had the title of this album in my mind for a long

time,” she wrote. “It’s been hard to hold it back and now I’m not holding it back anymore!

It is called Girl on Fire!!! And that’s exactly how I feel!!! You’ll be learning more about it

soon… but let me just say before making this record, in some ways I felt like a lion locked

in a cage…I felt like a girl misunderstood that no one really knew, I felt like it was time to

stop making excuses for any part of my life that I wanted to change. Once I made that

choice I became a Girl on Fire, the lion broke free!!”



In addition to the album title, Keys also posted a photo of what we can only assume will be

the LP’s cover art. The photo shows Keys standing tall and strong, looking both fierce and

sexy in a black, body-hugging and partly see-through dress. There is no actual fire in sight

in the first image, as Keys is standing in front of an industrial-looking backdrop and neon sign.

Keys recently told MTV News that the music on the new album is meant to take her fans on

“a journey.”

“For the new album, it is a new journey. It is a new story. There’s so much that is new to talk

about, and I think all of our journeys are so incredible,” Keys said. “So being a new mom, a

new wife, being a woman who’s really trying to find herself, take control of my life, my business,

my world, I think that there comes a certain point in life where you realize that you know you

can really choose the life that you want, and so it’s really about that journey and kind of finding

that bravery, finding that inner-strength to trust yourself, believe in yourself and know that you

really have all the tools.”

In closing her heartfelt announcement and message to her fans, the Grammy winner encouraged

her supporters to go out and find their fire, though no mention was made of another popular Girl

on Fire, “Hunger Games” heroine Katniss Everdeen.

“Here’s to finding your power! Your FIRE!” Keys wrote. “Stay tuned for more. In the meantime,

thank you for all your love, strength and support. Alicia, A Girl On Fire!!!!”


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